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 PivotCity-The Aftermath RPG Chapter 3/3

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PostSubject: PivotCity-The Aftermath RPG Chapter 3/3   Tue Apr 22, 2008 3:04 pm

The final third of the RPG will consist of the Aftermath. In which either The Guardians or The Armageddon are destroyed. This will unleash the new story of the RPG map The Underground. If The Armageddon lose the fight Pivot World will have one final war against all evil. If the Guardians lose the world belongs to The Armageddon. Then the Assassin's will break into the story. So heres the explanation.

Aftermath Possibility 1-Destruction of The Armageddon
The Armageddon have been finally been killed off and the city is no longer at war. Or is it? The final chapter of Pivot City will begin as the Underground awakens a new beast to kill off the world. But this time, Evil will prevail. The Armageddon left there token of victory to Pivot City. The city will know this monster only as The Manifestation. The earth will start to crumble,oceans will dry up. And people will turn into the beings that are killing them off. The final chapter begins here. What will you do to end it?

During which The Armageddon, will turn into The Manifestation.

Aftermath Possibility 2-Destruction of The Guardians

The guardians are dead. The City Forces are dead. Any remaining Humans are living in the underground waiting for Doomsday. To the north lies the last
Human civilization on the Surface. SkyHigh City will be the last remaining human civilization.Consisting of the group the assassins. The Assassins will replace the Light Alliance. The Refugees will replace the City Forces. Within Part 3 the Alpha's final mission
lies in his hand. Its time to finish off all Evil. By any means necessary.

If The Armageddon wins the Destruction of Guardians RPG. They will automatically activate a small collab. Marking the new beginning. The collab will be known as The Extinction. In which the Earth finally crumbles. If The Assassins win they will be known as the Guardians again and will start Aftermath possibility number 1 which will go into Extinction. So heres the final chapter. How will you end it?

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PostSubject: Re: PivotCity-The Aftermath RPG Chapter 3/3   Tue Apr 22, 2008 3:16 pm

Dude! You Should Make Books Third Chapter Is Awsome

Pw Wins:1
Pw Loses:0
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PostSubject: Re: PivotCity-The Aftermath RPG Chapter 3/3   Tue Apr 22, 2008 3:58 pm

Dude make a comic book. And get someone thats all awesome at drawing for the art. (I'd buy it) Because the storyline for this stuff is very cool. like the other side of the pillow
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PostSubject: Re: PivotCity-The Aftermath RPG Chapter 3/3   

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PivotCity-The Aftermath RPG Chapter 3/3
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